Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dear God,

I know I already said Good Night to you, but is it okay if we talk a little bit more? 

Mommy and Daddy went out for a date tonight because they are in love and I make a yuck face when they get all kissy, so they went out  to have a kissy dinner.  They were going to get Debbie to babysit, but Danny said he was big enough and Mommy didn’t like the idea but said it was okay and Danny got to babysit tonight. 

When they were gone, Danny said he’d let me stay up late and watch a scary movie with him if I wanted, as long as I wasn’t a baby and as long as I didn’t tell Mommy and Daddy, and I told him I’m not a baby, so we watched the movie.  It was about a monster that sneaked and grabbed a bunch of teenage big kids when they weren’t looking and the big kids got all scared and tried to run away, but they got trapped and had to try to hide, only the monster was even better at hiding and he would sneak up and grab them Danny said that he made them disappear but I think Danny was lying and the monster made the big kids dead. 

I told Danny the movie wasn’t very scary at all, but I did think the monster looked a little creepy.  The big kids were very easy to catch, and I don’t think they were very smart.  The big kids were in the woods and when they started disappearing and the other big kids that didn’t disappear yet got very scared, and they tried to run away but they couldn’t because the car was broken. That part was kind of scary, and when the girl with the flashlight almost saw the monster but not quite and she got really scared and screamed really, really loud and her face looked like she was going to cry, that part did scare me.

I didn’t want Danny to think I was a baby though, so I didn’t tell him, but I did say that I was very tired and I wanted to go to bed, and then I put on my jammies and I brushed my teeth really good and I said my first prayers and I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.  I heard Mommy and Daddy get home, and they peeked into my room, but I thought that if they knew I was still awake they would ask me why I wasn’t sleeping and I’d have to tell them about getting scared and I promised Danny I wouldn’t be a baby and I wouldn’t say anything, so I pretended I was asleep and when they went to bed I didn’t ask if I could sleep in their bed.

I’m not a baby and I know movies are pretend and that monster wasn’t a for-real monster, but when those teenage big kids got scared, it made me a little bit scared.  They were all alone though, and they didn’t have a Mommy or a Daddy or a big brother or a brave dog or even a snugly bear to protect them and make them safe, and I have all those things and that helps make me not scared and I’m kind of sleepy now so I think I’ll snuggle my bear and close my eyes.  Thanks for letting me talk to you, and please don't tell Danny I got scared because he'll think I'm a baby.


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