Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dear God,

I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you last night.  I didn’t feel very good yesterday.  I was okay at lunch, but at dinner time, I felt tired and a little shivery and I wasn’t very hungry, but Mommy made tacos and they’re my favorite so I ate some.  They made my stomach feel all funny and gurgley, but they were too yummy so I kept eating, and then I had a loud giant burp that sounded like that time Danny drank a whole big bottle of soda real quick just so he could burp Mary Had a Little Lamb, only mine wasn’t funny like that and it scared me and made my belly feel weird.   

I got up to go to the bathroom, only I wasn’t fast enough because when I stood up, I got sick, and it got on the floor and on my chair and even on Danny, only that’s not so bad, because Danny’s mean to me sometimes, so it serves him right, but it still made me really upset that I puked and I started to cry.

Mommy told me it was alright and went to get some towels.  Daddy gave me a big hug and said it was okay.  Then he cleaned my face with a napkin and started to wipe the puke off my shoe when I got sick again and I puked on his arm and there were bits of taco shell and hamburger and it was really, really gross.  Daddy got surprised and he fell down on his butt and sat in more puke, and I thought he’d get really, really mad at me and that made me cry again. 

But he didn’t yell or anything.  He asked Mommy for one of the towels and told me to go to the bathroom in case I get sick again.  Mommy came with me in case I needed help or a hug.  Daddy got changed, and when he came back to the table, Ranger had the floor all clean and was working on my chair.  Ranger’s a really good helper!

I didn’t get sick any more, but my belly was sore and I felt really tired, and Mommy took my temperature and didn’t say I was fine, so that meant I wasn’t, and she snuggled with me on the couch and we watched TV and then I woke up in my bed so I didn’t get the chance to talk to you.

I felt better today, but Mommy and Daddy said I still had to take it easy, so I got to curl up on the couch, sometimes with Mommy and sometimes with Ranger, and I watched cartoons all morning and then I had some toast for lunch, and after that Mommy said it was okay to play with my toys if I was gentle, so I played with my Lego and made a secret hideout for bad guys and made up a superhero called Stretchy Arms Man who has stretchy arms and can catch bad guys from far away and Stretchy Arms Man got all the bad guys and put them in jail, so I had to make a jail too.

I’m glad I didn’t stay sick for very long, but if you have to make me sick again, can you please not do it on taco night?


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