Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear God,

Thank you for making helicopter seeds.  They are lots of fun to play with.  Doug and I found tons of them at the park and we put a whole bunch in our pockets and then we climbed up to the top of the slide, the really big slide, not the kiddy slide, and we threw them up as high as we could and they spun all the way down.  At first, we just threw one at a time, but then we thought it would be fun to throw them all and we were right! 

We pretended they were super-spy helicopters and there were loads of secret agents flying to get the bad guy on the island in the middle of a really big puddle.  It was really just a big leaf but we said it could be the bad guy's secret base on an island that's also a volcano and his bad guy agents are monkeys.  The secret agents had to land on the island to stop the bad guy from using his weather machine to make tornados and really bad storms that break things.  It was really tricky.  Some of the spies landed in the water, but it took ages to get one to land on Leaf Island.  When we got one, we both got excited and cheered and said the spy had to stop the weather machine fast!

Then Doug slipped and fell down the slide backwards.  He didn't get hurt, but I think it might have scared him for a second, but he looked too funny and I laughed and then he laughed and then we both went on the slide backwards and it was funny but not as funny as when Doug did it not on purpose.  So then we put things on the slide to see what went fastest. 

Leaves don't work at all.  They just get stuck.  Sticks sometimes worked okay, and the little pieces went faster, but rocks worked best.  We took turns to see who could make a rock go furthest, and it was pretty close but Doug had one that rolled really far and that was the best and I then I had to go home so I didn't get to win, but that's okay because I think it was Doug's turn to win a game.

Thank you for giving me fun friends like Doug to play with, and thanks for making fun things like leaves and sticks and rocks and spinny helicopter seeds to play with, and I don’t speak tree, but if you get the chance, could you please thank the trees for letting us play with their kids?


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