Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DG 2

Dear God,

Thank you for the fun, sunny day.  I played in the park with Doug and Jenny and Jenny’s little brother Ty and Jenny’s and Ty’s cousin Frank that I didn’t know until today because he lives far away.  We played on the swings and then we played tag but it wasn’t really fair because Frank is lots older than the rest of us and he was too fast. 

Ty was the littlest and he got really mad and he called Frank a bunch of bad words that I’m not supposed to say and when he ran out, he mixed them all up and made up a bunch of bigger words and called Frank those words and Frank was mad but he didn’t yell.  He laughed at Ty and teased him and Doug tried to get him to stop and then Frank yelled at Doug and said some bad words too, and Frank and Doug were yelling, and then they were pushing, and Ty got even madder and punched Frank and when that didn’t work, he head-butted him in his down-there.  Then Frank got really mad and Ty ran away and went home and Frank ran after him so Ty wouldn’t get him in trouble.  I think Doug was worried about getting in trouble too, because he went home then, but he was just trying to look out for littler kids and he didn’t do anything wrong.

I was really surprised that Ty knew all those words because he’s only four and that’s a lot of words for a kid who’s four.  I guess he heard them from his daddy, because daddies sometimes say bad words like that and kids are supposed to pretend they didn’t, and if the kids don’t pretend, they get in trouble.   One time, my Daddy got mad watching basketball and said one of those words, and I just kept coloring, but Danny laughed and then Daddy got really mad and yelled a lot and Danny couldn’t play with his video games for a whole week.

Mrs. Taylor says that you can see everything and you always know when someone does something bad, so you already know that Ty said bad words and Frank was mean so I’m not being a tattletale.    She says that you look out for good kids too, and when Frank and Ty and even Doug had to go because of the fighting, Jenny and I got to stay in the playground, and that’s okay even if she is a girl because she’s fun to play with, and when the ice cream truck came, Jenny had money that her mommy gave her to buy ice cream for her brother and her cousin, so we both had super big swirly ice cream cones, so I think Mrs. Taylor was right so thank you for the sunny day and the ice cream.

And, don’t tell her anything, but thanks for Jenny, too.


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