Saturday, October 16, 2010


Dear God,

I know you have to make it rain sometimes to make the flowers grow and to keep the ocean full, but today you made it rain a whole lot, and I couldn't go outside, so I got a little bit bored. 

I went to Danny’s room to ask him if he wanted to play with me, but he was busy shooting guys in his video game, only it wasn’t really like they were dead because they just fell over and disappeared, and that’s not what it was like when Grandad died, but Danny blasted lots and lots of bad guys and that would be a lot of funerals for a video game, so they just disappeared. 

Danny let me watch him play for a while, and I asked him if he thought all those video game guys went to heaven when they died or if there was a special video game heaven, and if they disappeared out of heaven when he went back to replay a level, or if those were different guys who looked the very same and when they get blasted, they go to heaven too and they see the other guys that look just the same and they can be like brothers which would be kind of nice, and then Danny said that I was being stupid and he made me leave his room.

Ranger had to go outside a few times because that’s where we keep his bathroom, and every time he came back in he was really, really wet, and when he came in after it was raining really hard, Mommy said he was too wet and smelly to stay in, but it was still raining very hard and it was too wet to make him stay outside, so Mommy said it was okay for him to come in but I had to dry him off first, and I did a really good job.  Ranger's pretty big and it was kind of hard, and it took three great big towels.  I was going to use the fluffy ones that Mommy never takes out, but she said I can't use the good towels and made me use the old ones Daddy uses to clean up after he’s done painting or making stuff in the basement. 

Ranger was really good and he held still the whole time for me, but Daddy still got mad because when I was done, Ranger and I were going to watch TV together and he hopped up on the couch, and he wasn’t super dry because I just used towels and they don’t always make things all the way dry, and even though he was mostly dry, he was still a little bit not dry, so the cushions got a little bit not quite dry too.  Daddy got mad and called Ranger a bad dog, even though he wasn’t really bad, just a little wet.

So if it’s okay, could you please make it not rain tomorrow?  If the plants are still thirsty, I can water them for you.  There's a great big watering can in the shed that I can use all by myself, and if I need to water lots, I can ask Mommy or Daddy if it's okay for me to use the garden hose.  That way, the flowers can still drink, and I can play, and Ranger won’t get in trouble.


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